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ACWI Advance – June 15, 2022

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In this issue of ACWI Advance we take a closer look at these stories:

  • Rail service crisis threatens paper ballot deliveries and may starve livestock.
  • Courts strike down California laws mandating females and minorities on boards.
  • DOJ tells employers how to deal with Opioid Use Disorder under the ADA.
  • FMCSA extends relief from HOS rules for truckers hauling Covid 19 supplies.
  • The NRF’s chief economist still believes the economy will improve this year. 
  • The people/skills deficit hobbles companies pursuing logistics digital transformation.

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Rail Service Crisis Heats Up

Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL), a leader in bipartisan House efforts to assure fair and efficient elections, revealed at the hearing that the special kind of paper needed for machines to count the ballots is in short supply because of the rail crisis.

Subcommittee member Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA), said you can add potential inhumane treatment of animals to the rail crisis. He revealed that the U.S. Department of Agriculture sent him a letter claiming that herds of dairy livestock and other animals are in real danger of starving because of the lengthy delays in animal feed shipments and skyrocketing feed prices created by the crisis.

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Courts Reject CA Board Laws


Both laws are now void and California-based public corporations are not obligated to comply with them. For Nasdaq issuers, however, beginning Aug. 8, an initial board matrix must be filed reflecting board diversity statistics using a Nasdaq template, notes attorney Jennifer B. Rubin of the Mintz law firm.

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ADA Covering Opioid Users


Employers may conduct drug testing for opioids. However, an employee who tests positive because they are taking legally prescribed opioids may not be fired or denied employment unless they cannot do the job safely and effectively or they are disqualified under another federal law, such as Department of Transportation regulations.

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FMCSA Extends HOS Deadline

FMCSA said it is continuing the exemption, “because the presidentially declared emergency remains in place, persistent issues arising out of Covid 19 continue to affect the U.S. including impacts on supply chains, and nationwide reporting continues to demonstrate substantial ongoing use of the regulatory relief.”

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NRF Forecasts Better Economy

The Federal Reserve faces “a tricky job” in addressing inflation but continuing growth in employment, wages and consumer spending make it unlikely the effort will backfire into a major setback for the economy, Kleinhenz asserted.

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Skills/Labor Crunch Hurts 3PLs

Supply chain delays (25%), surging inflation (24%) and escalating fulfillment costs (19%) are said to top the list of suppliers’ external concerns.

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