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ASCI Staging Yard

ASCI has been providing warehousing services in Alaska and various US locations since 1999, supporting small and medium size businesses as well as large corporations. Over the past two decades, we have helped our customers to safely and efficiently operate warehouses in urban and remote areas. ASCI’s expertise in running warehouses in harsh environments, such as extreme cold in Alaska, also prepared us to manage covered climate-controlled facilities. ASCI’s most prominent contract was BP Alaska from 1999 to 2020, where we performed material receipt and inventory management functions at 17 temperature-controlled warehouses across the North Slope of Alaska. Our teams managed over $300M and 100,000 SKUs annually, processing over $5.8B of inventory orders. What sets ASCI apart from our competitors is our ability to be flexible and adjust our processes to fit the needs of our customers. We stay in front of and provide solutions or alternative options to the varying challenges plaguing supply chain management in the different industries.

Our services include:

  • Processing shipments and receipts of material in urban and remote locations
  • Maintenance of warehouse facilities
  • Material staging services
  • Coordination of maintenance and repair programs, including heavy equipment and vehicles
  • Tracking, storing, and providing visibility of warehouse material and property
  • Identifying excess items and handling the disposition of surplus as needed
  • Providing procurement services in support of the above activities

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