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Time to Invest In Staff Training

Although the Covid 19 pandemic saw many employers cut back on worker training and retraining, it’s time to get with the program, argues the Society for Human Resource Management.

The SHRM Research Institute and Talent LMS surveyed U.S.-based HR managers and employees to learn what employees want and expect in in terms of learning and development.

“Organizations must maintain a steady growth of knowledge and skills among their workforce if they wish to succeed, both from a business standpoint and to attract the right talent,” said Jim Link, SHRM chief human resources officer.

“And while some leaders were hesitant to invest in talent during the Great Resignation, our research showed that 86% of HR managers believe that training is actually beneficial in retaining talent.”

The survey found 55% of workers say they need more training to work more effectively, and 38% want training more relevant to their current role.

In addition, 32% say training should have a social element, such as peer-to-peer learning and learning groups, and 32% want the learning to be current.

Also, 31% want more control over the training programs, such as choosing methods that match their learning style and development opportunities that make sense for their career progression.

Instruction using simulations was the most popular choice (64%). Other methods included coaching/mentoring (51%), video (50%), webinars/lectures (38%), textbooks and other print materials (34%), microlearning (32%), audio/podcasts (25%), role-playing (19%), and use of blogs and other Internet sources (17%).

There is divide between employers and workers regarding soft skills, such as time management, which is favored more by employers than workers. They are more closely aligned around leadership skills: 54% of respondents said they want this training and 53% of employers provide it.

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