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Planning Course Offered Online

The Association for Supply Chain Management introduced a new Supply Chain Planning Certificate online training program.

ASCM says the program features 20 hours of educational content to help individuals build fundamental knowledge in supply chain planning, with a focus on integrating and synchronizing all planning levels within a company.

“The global supply chain has seen a multitude of disruptions over the past two years and companies are constantly searching for new ways to educate themselves and their staff to help thrive amid mounting challenges,” said ASCM Chief Executive Officer Abe Eshkenaz.

“This program provides supply chain professionals the necessary knowledge to see the big picture and help decrease inventory and warehouse costs, improve efficiencies, minimize risk, and enhance responsiveness to shifts in demand.”

ASCM said that after earning their certificate, participants will have the knowledge to trace the flow of planning from business plan to execution, link business strategy to company plans, interpret and manage the master production schedule, and to organize material requirement plans.

Students are expected to learn how to help advance sales and operations planning meetings; identify technologies to support synchronous planning; create a channel tree design for a distribution system; determine order and reorder points; and contribute to production and control activities.

The self-paced, online program targets entry-to-mid-level supply chain professionals looking to build on their current supply chain knowledge or get familiar with a critical supply chain function.

The association also said the course is a good fit for companies who are looking to enhance or streamline planning knowledge of employees. Participants also will have access to flashcards, video clips, practice questions and more before completing a comprehensive final exam.

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