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ACWI Advance – July 15, 2022

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In this issue of ACWI Advance we take a closer look at these stories:

  • 3PLs operate in a sweet spot of continuing demand for space and SC services.
  • Ecommerce will continue to drive investment in IRE, a research firm argues.
  • Port markets are said to be a safe bet for IRE investors to park their capital.
  • PECO Pallet’s CEO wants to have a word with you about returning pallets.
  • OSHA is developing a rule in place its Covid 19 ETS the Supreme Court upended.
  • CBP issues guidelines on enforcement of the ban on Chines slave labor products.

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3PLs Face Window of Opportunity

“The role of 3PLs is becoming markedly more valuable as the economy adapts to the continued growth of ecommerce, reshoring and nearshoring, and the push to improve supply chain resilience through diversified supply options,” according to the researchers.

The required investments will be substantial, and not all 3PLs will be able to keep up. Some 3PLs will win and others will lose. But the partnership path has an intrinsically higher upside with arguably less long-term risk, they explain.

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IRE Slows Due To Ecommerce

“Households cannot spend at a higher pace than disposable personal income forever, without taking on ever-increasing levels of debt,” MSCI noted.

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Ports Still Make IRE Investible

“Both pent-up investor and occupier demand from the pandemic along with new buildings being delivered to the market have boosted asking rents,” said John Huguenard, JLL senior managing director and industrial co-leader in capital markets. “This ultra-competitive environment continues to drive average asking rents in port markets to new highs.”

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PECO’s Modest Return Proposal

Every business wants to maximize inventory turns and maintain the optimal level of safety stock to meet consumer demand, he said. “Pallet assets – and how they are deployed – must be completely aligned with and in support of those objectives”.

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OSHA’s Chief Looks Ahead

Douglas L. Parker, OSHA’s new chief, told a recent congressional hearing ,“Covid 19 has been the occupational health issue of our time.”

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China Slavery Law Rules in Effect

Since then, CBP has issued a detailed guidance for importers about how they can demonstrate the goods that are blocked by CBP should not be held up under the terms of the law.

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