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ACWI Advance – July 1, 2022

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In this issue of ACWI Advance we take a closer look at these stories:

  • The supply chain is out of sync, according to the State of Logistics report.
  • The job, not the employer, decides whether a worker is exempt from arbitration.
  • Walmart says it is building four enormous next generation fulfillment centers.
  • Researchers confirm a renewed trend of combining industrial and retail real estate.
  • Employers should not be too worried about employees contracting monkeypox.
  • The nation’s top railroads could draw fines for disobeying STB directives.

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Logistics Said to Be ‘Out of Sync’

“Business inventories dropped to near historic lows, but the costs to store, handle and finance them spiked,” the researchers pointed out. At the same time, “inventory carrying costs rose by 25.9% and transportation costs – driven by in all modes and nodes – were up 21.7%.”

“Companies that long viewed warehousing as a sleepy backwater need to recognize it is now an essential strategic competency,” the researchers stressed, “Warehousing is more vital to supply chain strategy than ever before.”

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When Can Work Be Interstate?


The unanimous decision establishes that defining which workers fall under the exemption must be based on the kind of work they do rather than whether their employers are involved in interstate or international transportation.

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Walmart Builds Next Gen FCs


“We have seen how the benefits of this technology are wide-ranging and include: more comfort for associates, double the storage capacity and double the number of customer orders we’re able to fulfill in a day.”

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Mixing DCs and Retail Works

In the wake of the explosive expansion of ecommerce during the Covid 19 pandemic, functionally obsolete shopping centers can be attractive targets for conversion to distribution space given their size and location, according to the report’s author, researcher Dr. Dustin C. Read.

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Worrying About The Monkeypox

According to public health officials, the risk of exposure remains low although there are expected to be more cases in the United States. Health officials believe the smallpox vaccination will offer some amount of protection from monkeypox.

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STB Threatens to Fine Railroads

“The freight rail industry is currently struggling to provide adequate rail service, yet the service recovery plans we received are woefully deficient and do not comport with the spirit or the letter of the board’s order,” he added.

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