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ACWI Advance – June 1, 2022

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In this issue of ACWI Advance we take a closer look at these stories:

  • IRE capacity is maxing out, driving up warehouse rents throughout the U.S.
  • Workers are turning to alternative credentials to enhance and demonstrate skills.
  • The NLRB extends its domain to target employers of illegal immigrants.
  • Gartner says it’s time for employers to embrace the hybrid work model.
  • Cal/OSHA extends its Covid ETS to the end of the year, with some changes.
  • NRF takes an optimistic stance about retail’s future in the face of recent bad news.

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IRE Capacity Pressure Grows

At the current rate, available logistics space in the U.S. would dry up in 16 months, Prologis points out. The expansionary average is 36 months, and anything less than 50 months is consistent with positive real rent growth.

“The imbalance of supply and demand will continue through 2023 and further exacerbate the race for space,” JLL predicts This is especially true because it now takes considerably longer to complete many of these projects.

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Alt Credentials Gaining Favor

“Alternative credentials are key to uncovering untapped talent, especially when it comes to those job seekers who may not have the opportunity to build skills in a traditional way but have the competencies they need to succeed,” stressed SHRM Foundation President Wendi Safstrom.

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NLRB Backs Alien Rights

When all of the numbers associated with building electric-powered trucks are added up, it turns out to be not such a “clean” energy alternative after all, according to an analysis of alternative fuel trucks performed by the American Transportation Research Institute.

The analysis utilized federal and industry-sourced data to identify and compare full life-cycle CO2 emissions for a range of truck types, including a baseline diesel truck, battery electric trucks and hydrogen fuel cell trucks.

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Hybrid Work Is Gaining Ground

About 56% of employers in the United States have experienced pay compression in the last 12 months, research by the international staffing and consulting firm Robert Half reported has found.

Pay compression takes place when a new employee is paid nearly the same as or more than a longer-service employee in the same role.

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California Adopts New Covid ETS

Covid 19 test: To meet the  return-to-work criteria, a test may be both self-administered and self-read only if independent verification of results can be provided, such as a photograph of the results.

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Retail Strong, But for How Long?

“The economy’s fast-paced growth could slow somewhat as the Federal Reserve tries to bring inflation under control in the next few months, but consumers are likely to keep on shopping as lower inflation eases uncertainty,” he said.

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