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Trucking Group Backs Training

The Trucking Alliance, a safety coalition of freight transportation and logistics companies, has joined with the Department of Labor in support of its truck driver apprenticeship training program.

“The efforts by the Biden administration and by DOL to expand registered apprenticeship programs could not be timelier and more important,” said Alliance President Steve Williams, who also heads Maverick USA, a major truckload hauler.

DOL earlier launched the 90-Day Trucking Apprenticeship Challenge with the goal of increasing the supply of truck drivers by creating new pathways into the profession.

DOL says that at least 102 new apprenticeship programs have been developed and approved, surpassing the goal of 90 employers in 90 days. It also reported that 574 new truck driver apprentices were hired as a direct result of the challenge

The program promotes the registered apprenticeship model as a solution to get more well-trained drivers on the road. Companies are expected to meet certain training and compensation standards as they bring in new drivers for a two-year apprenticeship program which provides for a graduated wage scale as the drivers develop and expand their skills.

Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh pointed out that over 250 organizations have joined the initiative and more than 70 employers have made commitments to developing and joining existing programs or have already launched new registered apprenticeship programs.

“This apprenticeship challenge has been so successful in part because of partners like Maverick USA and the Trucking Alliance,” Walsh added. Among those who have signed on are American Trucking Associations and many of its members.

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