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ATRI Asks for Trucking Input

A major factor in the supply chain crisis is the truck driver shortage, and methods for attacking it being explored by both the industry and government are allowing younger people to drive professionally and finding ways to attract them to the job.

The American Transportation Research Institute has launched a research effort to help answer some of the questions surrounding this effort. To that end, ATRI is asking fleets to complete a short survey about what it takes to attract younger drivers.

“As trucking fleets continue to address workforce challenges, understanding how to tap the potential of this nation’s younger employees is critical,” said ATRI President Rebecca Brewster.

The survey is intended to quantify the industry’s experience in recruiting, training and retaining young adult employees. This survey is part of a larger study identified by ATRI’s trucking industry Research Advisory Committee as a top research priority in 2021 to examine how the industry can best integrate younger adults into trucking careers.

Fleets are asked to provide input through an online survey that will document Millennial and Gen Z involvement in the trucking industry, carrier perceptions of the DRIVE-Safe Act pilot program, and recent developments in driver apprenticeship programs. Carrier input also is being sought on employment, training and retention practices for young adults in the trucking industry, with a particular focus on young adults working as commercial drivers and licensed truck drivers.

“This timely research will provide valuable guidance for cultivating an environment in which young adults can thrive in trucking careers,” according to ATRI.

The survey is due April 22 and can be found here. All company information will be kept confidential.

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