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Warehousing Logistics

Interior Large Warehouse With Freight Stacked High.It’s our core competency!

Founded in 1911, American Chain of Warehouses has evolved and improved and truly excels in providing outsourced warehousing services for companies looking to reduce fixed costs and increase flexibility with scalable, warehousing and distribution solutions.

12 Million Square Feet of Warehouse Capacity

We’re your link to members’ facilities which together offer more than 12 Million square feet of warehouse capacity strategically located throughout the US and Canada.

ACWI Offers Complete Warehousing Services

Member companies receive, disperse, pick/pack, assemble and/or repackage product for customers in their region or across the Americas. Most operate multiple facilities strategically located for fast market response within their region or to ensure market coverage within a super-region of the US and Canada.

  • Organic certified
  • AIB-superior rated
  • ISO 9001-2 Compliant

Across a wide array of industry sectors, from fast moving consumer goods to high value high tech, automotive, food and beverage or health and wellness, we’re managing the inventories of Fortune 100 companies and retail chains, as well as the small to medium companies that have counted on our member companies for reliable service in the communities we serve.