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Prism Helps Rise Against Hunger

American Chain of Warehouses Inc. member Prism Logistics is pitching in to help end world hunger. Prism provides logistics support in its Northern California facilities for the components of meal packages that are distributed by the Rise Against Hunger organization.

The company said it receives and inventories all the raw materials which go into meal packing operations throughout Northern California, as far north as Washington, east to Idaho and Colorado.

When the materials are needed, Team Prism pulls ingredients and distributes on time and to-plan for meal packing events, returning any unused items to the warehouse for storage for future use.

Since 2005, Rise Against Hunger has packaged more than 300 million meals. (To learn more, visit www.riseagainsthunger.org)

“Prism is a lifesaver!” says Jordan Marvin, RAH Northern California program manager. “Having to receive, stage, and inventory all the ingredients, all that warehousing takes a lot of time.”

“We’ve taken more of a partnering approach in our relationship with Prism. They’ve been extremely helpful to us in better understanding how a 3PL works, working with other 3PLs and how we could improve our operations.”

He notes that every minute RAH staff spends in the warehouse is a minute they’re not raising awareness of hunger and poverty, and securing commitments to host meal-packaging events. “Prism allows us to be more present in the community, which helps us save lives,” Marvin says.

Prism provides 3PL logistics services from facilities in Hayward, Sacramento, Stockton, Livermore and Modesto, California. For more information, visit http://prismlogistics.com/.

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