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Columbian Donates Space to Boy Scouts

Columbian Logistics Network donated 12,000 square feet of warehouse space to the Boy Scouts of America for their annual popcorn sales.

In addition to the donated storage space, the ACWI member company contributed employee labor and a lift truck to help load and unload their popcorn boxes. Columbian sustained the commitment from Spetember well into November last fall.

Assistant Scout Executive John Gower said, “We need a good company like Columbian to help us.”

There are more than 1,000 Boy Scout troops and packs that sell popcorn in Michigan, with 220-250 of those units being located in western Michigan.

Based in Grand Rapids, MI, Columbian served as the hub for the distribution. Its warehouse supported all 25 Michigan counties that the Boy Scouts cover.

Loads came to Columbian first, where they are picked and loaded before being distributed to other warehouses across the state.

About 20,000 cases made their way to Columbian before being distributed. This total adds up to about $1.65 million dollars’ worth of popcorn.

When a Scout makes a sale, 70% of the profit goes back to the scout, his troop or pack, and his council. Gower said, “We appreciate Columbian’s commitment to scouting and the fact that every box that we sell goes back to scouting. Because of companies like Columbian, we do not have to pay costs for trucks or warehousing.” J

im Gadziemski, Columbian vice president of warehouse operations, says, “As an assistant scoutmaster with a Boy Scout Troop in Ada, it was an easy decision to make, when I received the call about the BSA needing help.”

He adds, “The BSA is focused on developing youth in many areas of life including leadership, high ethical standards, and providing service to others. Anything Columbian could do to serve an organization that is so good for our youth is absolutely something we want to be a part of.”

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