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EEOC Targets National Origin

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued an employer guidance to support its renewed emphasis on national origin discrimination.

National origin discrimination means discriminating against someone because they are from a particular country or have physical, cultural, or linguistic characteristics of a particular national origin group.

Keep in mind that EEOC includes people descended from the members of a national origin group, and even discrimination by a member this group against someone else from the same group.

Employer practices recommended by EEOC encompass using a variety of recruitment methods to attract diverse job seekers, and publicly stating you are an “equal opportunity employer.”

It says employers should draft employment ads that notify prospective applicants of all qualifications, including any that are related to language ability.

To avoid the risk of discrimination in employment hiring, promotion, assignment and discipline decisions, should have written objective criteria tied to business needs, and make sure these standards are applied equally for filling open positions as well as in making assignments and promotions.

Clearly communicate to employees and take action to make sure that harassment will not be tolerated and that employees who violate the prohibition against harassment will be disciplined.

EEOC also says employers should seriously consider training managers on how to identify and respond effectively to harassment, including the importance of proactively addressing conduct that does not initially violate the law, but which over time could rise to that level.

Communicate company policies to all the employees, the agency stresses. Translate them and offer training in the languages employees speak.

To obtain more information, visit EEOC online at: https://www.eeoc.gov/laws/guidance/national-origin-qa.cfm

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