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Scissor Lift Safety Warning Is Issued

aa-12-15-16OSHA issued a safety alert about scissor lifts after a series of injuries and a death on this equipment.

To prevent falls, make sure guardrails are in place, that workers never stand on the guardrails, and that the work be kept within easy reach, so employees do not need to lean away from the scissor lift, the agency advises.

Don’t ever move the lift while it is elevated. Isolate the unit or implement traffic control measures to prevent other equipment from coming into contact the scissor lift.

Choose work locations that have firm, level surfaces and keep the lift away from hazards that can cause instability, such as drop-offs, holes, slopes, bumps, ground obstructions or debris.

Outdoor-rated lifts should be used only when weather conditions are good, including wind speeds below 28 miles per hour, OSHA stresses.

Properly maintain and do not bypass safety systems that prevent collapsing. Also, don’t allow weight on the work platform to exceed the manufacturer’s load rating.

Equipment other than the scissor mechanism should never be used to raise the work platform. In addition, correctly position the lift to prevent crushing or electrocution hazards.

Besides traffic controls, safe practices include using ground guides during movement, and selecting work locations that ensure scissor lifts are more than 10 feet from electrical power sources or other overhead hazards.

OSHA also emphasized employees working around lifts must be trained in the manufacturers’ standards for maintenance and safe operation of the lifts.

The full OSHA safety alert is available at: https://www.osha.gov/Publications/OSHA3842.pdf

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