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CSCMP Offers New Series Of Best Practice Guides

Volume 2, Issue 7
April 15th, 2014
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The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals has published a “Definitive Guide” series of books covering eight different areas of supply chain best practices.

“Whether you’re a practitioner or a student, these eight comprehensive guides will help you understand all facets of supply chain’s core areas, providing you with the context and information you need to succeed,” CSCMP said.

Ink-PenOne book in the series, The Definitive Guide to Warehousing, covers a range of topics like planning, implementing, measuring and optimizing world-class supply chain warehousing processes, the council said.

The book examines each type of warehousing option, basic warehousing storage and handling operations, strategic planning, and the effects of warehousing design and service decisions on total logistics costs and customer service.

CSCMP also said the warehouse reference book introduces crucial concepts that include product handling, labor management, warehouse support, and extended value chain processes, facility ownership, planning, and strategy decisions; materials handling; warehouse management systems; Auto-ID, AGVs, and much more.

Other volumes in the series tackle Integrated Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Manufacturing and Service Operations, Order Fulfillment and Customer Service, Supply Chain Best Practices, Supply Management and Procurement, and Transportation.

To learn more about the series and how to buy the books, visit http://cscmp.org/publication/definitive-guide-series.

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